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What does a healthy Biblical marriage and sex look like?

We’ve taken a look at some key principles concerning what the Bible has to say about sex.  We’ve discovered that sex was designed by God and that if it is done within the right context it is a beautiful thing.  So we looked into context last week and this week we are looking at what steps we should take to make sex healthy in a marriage from a Biblical perspective.  We really want married Husbands and Wives to have healthy, enjoyable, fulfilling, and sustaining relationships and we know that sex is a part of that.

In this message

We’re looking into four keys for marriages to have a healthy sexual relationship.  They are Friendship, Intimacy, Fidelity, and God Centered.

Scripture References

Genesis 4:1Proverbs 5:18-231 Timothy 3:2Malachi 2:13-141 Corinthians 10:31Ephesians 5:25