How is God’s Kingdom different than the world?

We know as Christians that we are supposed to be different than the world around us.  In fact, Jesus demonstrated and taught extensively on how we should live.  We know that the good news that He preached was that He had brought the kingdom of heaven to earth and that we are no longer bound to the systems and ideologies of the world around us.  He also came and dealt with our sins so that we can experience true freedom.  And with all of that, we still struggle today with knowing how to not be influenced by the culture we live in.  So we live in a struggle oftentimes between being a super awesome Christian and our failures.  It is so easy for us to revert back to the temptations of our past.  So what do we do?  How do we change?  In order to gain any clarity we need to ask ourselves some very important questions.  How can we truly distinguish ourselves from the world?  Especially since we live in this world and like it or not we are influenced by it?  What are some key changes we need to make in our own lives?  What are some of the significant commands or teachings that Jesus left us to ponder and model our lives after?

In this sermon

We are going to take a look at four things that Jesus taught us that seem very simple, but are harder to master than you think.  They are…you must lose your life to gain it, you must retain your childlikeness, whoever wants to be first must be last, and we must stop living for things and live for God.

Scripture References

Mark 8:34-35Matthew 18:1-4Mark 9:33-35, Matthew 6:31-33

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