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God wants to do a new thing, Through the gospelWhy did the first Christians experience such amazing community?

In last week’s sermon we discovered the radical commitment that the first Christians had to each other.  They met together each day to eat meals together and pray.  They made sure that nobody among them had any need or burden and they willingly sold what they had in order to get it accomplished.  They dedicated themselves to the Apostles teaching which meant that they made the intentional choice to put what they learned into practice and the results were amazing.  They saw signs and wonders performed among them, souls were being saved daily and they lived in peace with those around them, but the question has to be asked…what was happening among them that caused these things to happen?  The community they experienced was the results of something that was happening among them, what was it?  The simple answer is love.  Love for one another produced the fruit of community.  It was learning how to love the Christian next to them that allowed for their hearts, minds and actions to be reformed to reflect Godliness.

In this sermon

Pastor Brad takes a deeper look into the radical heart changes that took place in the lives of the early Christians and how that transformed their worldly thinking and sinful relationships into a reflection of God on earth.  It is a call to action that God invites every generation into.  The question is whether we will hear it or if we ignore it.

Scripture References:

Romans 13:8Acts 10:24-29Colossians 3:9-11James 2:1-4&8

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