God wants to do a new thing, Through the gospelWhat does God want to do through Christian Community?

I am fully convinced that God wants more than just a group of people who plant their butts in a pew on Sunday mornings.  The Gospel of Jesus Christ needs to bring a tangible change in our lives and how we live with and treat each other.  In fact I believe that the world is looking into the church and they are desperate to see what God looks like, if only we would actively demonstrate it.  The question we have to ask ourselves is are we giving the world a compelling reason to believe?

What did community look like in the early church?

It was radically different from the world around it.  It redeemed the brokenness of ism’s and created a sort of utopia.  Within the community of believers everyone’s needs were taken care of.  They were so radical in helping each other out that they willingly sold their possessions in order to get it done.  They ate their meals together and met to pray every day.  They saw signs and wonders all the time and new people became disciples every day.  It set new priorities and restored unity and hope for all those who believed.  The question I think we need to ask is whether or not the church remotely looks like this today?

In this Sermon

You’ll hear a compelling argument why God wants to do something powerful through Christian community and what that looks like.

Scripture References

Acts 2:41-47

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