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 God wants to do a new thing, Through the gospelWhat “Old Thing” is God wanting to do through His presence and power?

People are often fixated or interested in the new things that God up to.  Generally speaking does “new things” in our lives all the time, especially when He transforms us.  However, there are some “Old Things” that God has been up to for a long time that He wants to accomplish in every generation and one of those things is that God wants to manifest His presence and His power in and through His sanctified church.  What does that mean?  That means that God is not just satisfied with calling a people out of the world but He wants to interact with us and demonstrate that He is real.  How does He do that?  Well its quite simple.  First, He likes to be present when His people gather together which is often experienced through His Holy Spirit.  Second, He wants His Holy Spirit to to empower His people to minister to the broken, the sick and demonized.

What is this sermon about?

Learn how God’s presence and power is something that God has manifested among His people right from day one through to today.  Find out what that presence and power looks like, why we need it and how to use it.

Scripture References

Acts 1:6-8, Matthew 12:25-29, Luke 10:5-9, Matthew 16:19