God wants to do a new thing, Through the gospelWhat old thing is God wanting to do through the Gospel?

The Gospel message is nothing new, but it has the power to regenerate each generation and every individual that receives it.  Yet there has been a lot of discussion and articles trying to figure out how the church can be affective in this post modern generation.  Many point to methodology and some even point to our message, however, what the church does not need is a new message or even a new methodology.  I would argue that God doesn’t need to do anything new in order to captivate the hearts of this generation.  In fact what He did a long time ago is not only sufficient it is powerful.  The problem is that the church has in a large way gotten off track and forgotten what the Gospel is all about and its a lot bigger than what you may think.

What is the Gospel?

Many would immediately say that the Gospel is the good news that through Jesus Christ our sins can be forgiven and we are given eternity with God.  This is true but it is a piece of a puzzle not the entire puzzle.  In fact Jesus preached extensively about the Kingdom of God and that He was ushering it in.  This is the Gospel or Good News that we have stopped preaching.  That when Jesus came he ushered in a new reality, a new community or society centered around righteousness.  In other words through Christ we can be saved from not only sin, but the world, its desires and its ways of doing things.

In this Sermon

Are you curious yet?  In this sermon Pastor Brad dives deep into how God wants to do an old thing through the Gospel.

Scripture References:

Hebrews 9:27-28, 1 John 2:15-17