What do we do with the Law?

It’s a touchy subject.  Most Christians cling to the grace and love of Jesus so when someone brings up the Law found in the Old Testament many of us get a bit uncomfortable.  For most of us it conjures up the imagery of judgmental religious types who have used the law to condemn and hurt people, perhaps even us.  For this reason we have gotten used to excusing the law if we even choose to learn about what it says in the first place.  However, Jesus was pretty clear about the law.  He states in the Sermon on the Mount that He didn’t come to get rid of the law but to fulfill it.  He even teaches that we are not to get rid of any law or teach anyone that they should do the same.  He says that the law will remain in effect until the day of judgement at the end of the age.  So what do we do with the law?

How do we keep the law and live in grace?

It’s a difficult concept and I am not convinced that balance is the answer.  In fact I think that balance means that we compromise on both and there is no equation that makes any sense.  50% law balanced with 50% grace still means that you are not living with 100% law or 100% grace.  I think 100% is how Jesus lived.  I think in order to fully understand how the law and grace work together we all need to understand that when Jesus came He broke the bondage of the law not what it teaches us. In other words the law defines morality but it cannot justify us (or get us right with God).  So we need to learn from the law so that we can understand sin and we can strive for Holiness or purity before God.

The law should lead us?

Here’s what the law should do…it should lead us to Jesus.  First, it should convict us by teaching us what is right and wrong.  Second, it should soften our hearts when we understand that we have failed.  Third, it should lead us to the grace of Jesus when we realize that we need forgiveness.

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Find out more about how the Law Still Stands and what we need to do about it.

Scripture References

Matthew 5:17-20Ephesians 5:1-5