What does transformation look like?

As we grow in our faith and relationship with Jesus, we all experience pivotal moments where everything seems to shift.  What used to not make sense, now suddenly does.  Areas where we once had no faith, suddenly we become faithful.  Where once we were a miserable wreck, now we are a shining example of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  We see this kind of transformation with the Disciples.  Prior to Jesus encountering them after the resurrection they were a bunch of scared and disillusioned men not ready to steward a move of God that would change history.  It was during their encounters with Jesus over 40 days that changed all of that.  The encounter at the Sea of Tiberius was one of those pivotal moments of transformation for them and it demonstrates to us what transformation looks like in our lives.

Scripture References

John 21:1-14 | Isaiah 61:3