Are we really expected to turn the other cheek?

In this series we are exploring the challenge and the cost of following Christ?  What Jesus taught is often opposite of what we instinctively want to do, yet it will cause us to live a better and more spiritually healthy life.  But how many of you know that that better is not always easy?  This is why Jesus asked us to count the cost when we decide to follow Him.  We must consider if we are really willing to live by His example and His teaching.  Although we would all like to say that we would pay any price to follow Him, the proof is in the pudding, and the true test of how much we are willing to follow Him is whether or not we trust in the Lord enough to listen to His hardest teachings.  Today we are looking at one such teaching where Jesus asks us to turn the other cheek to those who would bring us harm.  The question as to whether or not we are to turn the other cheek is not a rhetorical one, it is one of application and Yes, Jesus does expect this of us.

In this Sermon

We are going to take a look at what Jesus taught about turning the other cheek and three reasons why we struggle to do it.

Scripture References

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