How do we get the most out of fasting?

When we think about fasting we immediately think about giving something up. In fact I would imagine that the thing that scares us the most when we hear a call to fast is that we will need to give something up for a period of time and generally it’s something that we like. And let’s face it, giving something up is not easy. So unfortunately some of us choose to not enter into a fast because it is too far of a stretch for us. Plus I think we lose the purpose and value of fasting if all we do is sacrifice something. While it is an essential part of fasting to go without for a period of time, we need to remember that there are two, not just one, important part of a fast. There is the thing we give up and there is the thing that we add. Both are equally important and without both I think we miss out on something important.

So what do I mean when I say that there is something that we add? Very simply, it is a focused spiritual practice that is intended to draw us closer to God during the fast. You see getting rid of something is great, but simply giving something up doesn’t produce much. Oh, sure it might create greater resolve in your heart, it may create a habit or break one, but it is the thing that we add during our fast that produces fruit, joy and blessing. It is the x-factor that makes the difference between an ok fast and a life changing one.

So when you fast, what are you adding? Sure, give up something significant, stretch and challenge yourself, but as you peel away the layers of junk, busy-ness and distraction, let’s step out in faith also and do something new with the Lord. Add some extra time to read the Bible, pray or worship the Lord. You could also come up with a Bible Study, listen to some sermons or download some podcasts. Whatever it is, I would challenge you to come up with something so that God can transform you over the next few weeks. You will be so blessed!