Event Information:

  • Sat

    Church Cleaning Day

    8:00 amLifeSong Church

    On Saturday, November 3rd, we are holding a Church Cleaning/Honey-Do-List  Day.  We are going to start bright and early at 8:00 AM and try to wrap things up around noon.  We'd love for you to be there the whole time, but please come and help even if you can only be there for a short time, because every bit of help counts and is appreciated.  While we do have some cleaning items, I would suggest that you bring your own products to make things easy and to make sure you have what you need.  Likewise, if you are going to help with the Honey-Do-List, we will have some things available to use, but we suggest that you please bring your own tools and supplies to make it easier to get the job done right.

    Here are some things that we need to get cleaned...

    Each room needs a thorough wipe down, dusting, and deep cleaning.  Which includes, but is not limited to: Walls washed, cobwebs removed, cabinets cleaned, stuff sorted, toys disinfected, windows washed, carpets cleaned, bathrooms sanitized, and probably a bunch more.

    Here are some things on the Honey-Do-List...

    1. Steam Cleaning the Sanctuary, including some chairs.
    2. Re-connecting the chairs together.
    3. Building a small box to cover some electronics on the stage.
    4. Putting casters on the foot benches in the youth/multi-purpose room.
    5. Removing the back hallway cabinets.
    6. Installing the coat hooks more securely in the back hallway.
    7. Putting hooks in the cleaning closet for brooms and mops.
    8. Securely re-hanging the covenant statements.
    9. Re-organizing the storage room.