We all make a choice, but what happens when we feel pressure on our faith?

Everyone makes a choice to follow Jesus or not.  When we read the account of Palm Sunday in the Bible, we see the crowds decided to worship Jesus as Messiah and King.  On that day they made a decision to believe in Jesus and to follow Him.  Yet not even a week later they called for His execution.  What happened?  The difference of the crowd on Palm Sunday and the crowd calling for Jesus to be crucified was that by then the pressure was on.  The pressure against Jesus by the religious and political leaders had risen and people’s true colors came out.  The question for us is whether or not we have a sustainable faith.  In other words do we have a faith that can hold up under the pressure of the culture or do we have a faith that collapses under the weight?

In this Sermon

We are going to look at the 4 different responses of those who were there on Palm Sunday and explore the choice that they made under pressure.  We’ll take a look at our own hearts and look to shore up our faith in a culture that is putting greater pressure on us to conform.

Scripture References:

John 12:12-15, John 12:9-11, John 12:42-43, John 18:39-40Matthew 27:54-55 

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