What is your idea of God?

Too often I hear people’s opinions of what God is like.  Often times what people think about God is not exactly who He is, but I have discovered that what people think about God usually trumps the truth about Him.  Unfortunately our opinions of who God is and what He is like can impact every aspect of our faith and can have us believing in false theologies and doctrines.  Not to say that we all don’t get it wrong at some point, but I believe that God is knowable and that He exists outside of our ideas about Him.  With this in mind I think it is very important for us to understand what we think about God.  So, what do you think?

What do you think?

You see if you think that God is only concerned with the rules and keeping track of our wrongdoing, then God will always be a condemning God, ready at the drop of a hat to judge.  Under that God you will always feel pressured to be perfect and their will be little or no room for failure.  On the other hand if you see God as a completely forgiving God who is over concerned with grace, then God really won’t care what you do wrong.  Under that image of God there really isn’t any idea of right or wrong and whatever you do is ok, because God doesn’t really expect holiness, he just wants to be your friend.  Can you see that what you think of God flavors how you pursue God.

The truth about God

It really doesn’t matter what we “think” about God.  It only matters what God really is and you will only ever know that if you pursue getting to know Him for real.  The best way to know about someone, is simply to know them.  So , what do you think?  Perhaps it’s time to evaluate your opinions and better yet, to interact with God some more so that you can know Him.

Scripture Reference

Exodus 3:14