How do you let Jesus in beyond your walls?

Each one of us builds walls to guard our hearts.  Maybe it’s because we’ve been hurt before and we just don’t want to get hurt again.  Maybe it’s because we’ve done things that we’d rather other people did not know about.  Maybe we’re just afraid to fail or we’re have an image that we are protecting.  Whatever it is, once we erect our walls, nobody is allowed in.  But how does that square with our relationship with Jesus?  What happens when those same walls keep God out?  The results can be devastating.  So it is fair to ask what happens when we let Jesus in beyond our walls.

In this Message

Sam encourages us to not let the opportunity pass to let Jesus in beyond our walls, because once He does there is freedom.  He ties all of this together with personal stories and examples from his many years in ministry and Christian missions.