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What is Sin?What is Sin?

It is a good question and unfortunately one that is often ignored or glossed over in the church.  We love to skip to the forgiveness or grace part of the Gospel which is the part that lets me off the hook, but in order to really understand grace we need to first understand sin and we need to wrestle with it.  It wasn’t that long ago that people felt guilty and ashamed of their sins and really wanted to do something about it.  Today I have seen far too many people just revel in the grace of God and dismiss their sins away under the banner of, “we’re all sinners”.  While this is true, at least in part, we need to remember that Christ came to deal permanently with our sins and so then so should we.  Our sins should not be excused or ignored, but they should be identified and dealt with so that we can become even more Christlike and by the way Christ was sinless.

In this Sermon

We’re not going to continue to make excuses for our sins, instead we are going to address them, head on through the scripture and we will do that by first identifying what a sin is.

Scripture References:

1 Peter 2:16, 1 Corinthians 6:19-20, Romans 3:10-18

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