What is the cold hard truth about us and the consequences of our sin?

In today’s day and age sin has become somewhat of a four letter or dirty word.  In fact, even the church has made a shift towards teaching a gospel centered on self-help and being a nice person over dealing with sin and while I am certain that becoming like Christ improves us and makes us kind, there seems to be a growing confusion about what the real point of being a Christian is.  While we maybe confused, the Bible is not.  In fact, the Bible is concerned with our sinful nature and the eternal consequences that it brings.  It is important in this hour to understand what the Bible says about us and sin.

In this Sermon

We are going to take a look at sin, its effects, and ultimately hell.  We want to get a sober picture of what the Bible says is the fate of every man.

Scripture References

Ecclesiastes 7:201 John 3:4Isaiah 59:2Romans 5:121 John 1:8,10Revelation 20:15Mark 9:43Revelation 21:82 Thessalonians 1:9Matthew 13:50Mark 8:36-37

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