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Sin, Which Path Will You Choose, What is your soul worth

Do you value your soul?

God does, even Satan does, but what about you?  I am convinced that a major reason why we get caught up in sin is because we don’t value our soul, who we are enough.  If you don’t think that you are valuable you’ll settle for less than what your worth.  Your soul is the most valuable thing you have.  How valuable is it?  Jesus taught that there was nothing in this life that was worth losing your soul for.  In fact He said that even if we gained the whole world but we lost our soul in the process that it is of no benefit to us.  Yet when we sin we trade something that is very valuable for something that is not.  Something that is eternal for something that is temporary.

Why is the soul valuable?

It is valuable because it is the one thing that you take with you into eternity.  It is your soul that will live on beyond this life and what choices we make in the here and now will determine where your soul will end up.  Either you will end up with the Lord or in Hell.  The truth is that when begin to put our decisions into this context it should cause us reject anything that could destroy our eternity and I think this is what can help us in our journey to purity and holiness.  In fact it should lead you to the conclusion that you are better than whatever may tempt you.  So listen to this sermon and find out more about what your soul is worth and how that can change your life.

Scripture References:

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