What was the “New Command” that Christ gave during the last supper?

When we gather on Maundy Thursday to remember the last supper, it is often a somber occasion.  Admittedly the events of that evening almost 2,000 years ago are bitter and sweet.  On one hand we have the gentle and humble actions of Jesus as He washes his disciple’s feet and then as tries to squeeze in a little more time with His friends before He is arrested.  On the other hand He is betrayed by a friend and then undergoes an unjust trial which eventually leads to His crucifixion.  For the Christian, we cling to those precious last moments in the upper room because we recognize what is to come.  Yet, Maundy Thursday hasn’t always been remembered for these events.  In fact earlier generations chose to focus on something very special that Jesus said.

In this Sermon

We are going to take a look at where Maundy Thursday got its name and the “New Command” that Jesus gave His disciples on that night.

Scripture References:

John 13:33-35John 10:111 John 3:16 

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