What you should know about the Holy Spirit.

During Family Sunday Live, Pastor Brad fielded questions about the Holy Spirit.  You can watch the entire session or simply jump to any of the questions that you would like to hear and answer for.

00:00 – Introduction and teaching about the Holy Spirit and why the Holy Spirit is so important.

21:12 – How do I access the Holy Spirit?

27:55 -Will I know if and when I have the Holy Spirit? What will it feel like?

33:01 – Is there a difference between praying in tongues and speaking in tongues? Is an interpreter required for both instances?

40:38 – Does the Holy Spirit ever leave you? And what happens?

42:10 – If the Holy Spirit works outside of our understanding how do you balance your own abilities and preparation with making room for Him?

46:45 – The Bible is full of good/serious stories. Did Jesus connect with jokes? Fun things?

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