What’s Next?  What do we center our faith on and how do we live?

When something amazing happens to you, how can you go on living the same way?  It has to change you, it has to transform you, it has to make you dissatisfied for how you used to live.  Well this is no different for someone who has experienced God in their lives, it is no different for the Christian.  You see when our eyes are opened and we see God move in our lives, it awakens us, changes us for the better, but totally ruins us for how we used to live.  So once you’ve experienced and amazing moment with God, what’s next?  How do you live and what becomes the central focus of your faith?

In this Sermon

Pastor Brad dives into several key passages that help us recenter our lives and get on mission with the Lord.

Scripture References:

Matthew 22:37-40, John 5:39Matthew 6:24, Mark 8:36-38Matthew 25:34-46James 1:27



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