What’s Next for us a Church?

There has been a good and healthy undercurrent in the church as of late.  There is a feeling that God is up to something and that He is calling us into action.  We’ve even received a word from the Lord that it is time to pack up the camp and advance the Kingdom.  And so it is very important for us to ask ourselves what’s next?  After all, what is the value of God calling us and having a faith in Jesus Christ if it never moves us into action?  There is a world right outside your front door, where people need the hope that comes through knowing Jesus, are we concerned for it?  Do we have an urgency to see that world transformed?  Do we want to see people experience freedom from their sinful nature, freedom from their struggles, and freedom from their despair?  A student is no better than their teacher, and Jesus was all about ministering to lost souls and so we should have a passion for the same thing.

In this Sermon

We are going to look at what it is that we should be doing and how each one of us needs to answer the question, what’s next for me?  What will I do with what God has done in me?

Scripture References:

James 2:14-26, Isaiah 6:8

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