When we come to the end of ourselves, that is when God can take over…

Peter is a great example of a man who went from ministering in his own strength to being completely surrendered to Jesus.  No one can argue against the fact that Peter after the day of Pentecost went on to have a profound impact on the then known world.  We desire to be like Peter and live lives of influence for the Kingdom of God, but how do we get there?  Well if we want to get there, we need to come to the place where we have nothing left.

What does it mean to have nothing left?

This doesn’t mean that we sell everything that we own and go live on the streets, this has to do with our independence.  Peter, before the resurrection, was very self assured and lived with a false bravado.  That all came crashing down when he denied Jesus on the evening of the trial and crucifixion.  Then Peter saw who he really was and he was humbled when he discovered that he wasn’t as amazing as he previously thought.  He had to learn a hard lesson, but it was one that refined his character.  The lesson was that in order to be great in the Kingdom of God you must be humble.  We like Peter need to come to the place of dependance on God and humility in our nature so that we can allow God to shine through our lives.

Scripture Reference

John 21:15-22