Why is the resurrection of Jesus Christ so important to Christians?

It seems so fantastical.  It seems almost too good to be true, that Jesus was dead and buried and that He came back to life.  In fact in our modern skeptical minds it’s easy to discount.  Yet, for the early church and the Apostles, it was the very thing that they pointed to which had sealed their faith in Jesus Christ.  For them it was not just something that they read about, but it was something that they experienced first hand.  In fact each one of them taught about the resurrected Christ and made it a central part of their theology.  The intriguing part is that not one of them relayed their stories of the risen Christ as something they simply heard about, but as something that they witnessed.  What’s better is that they witnessed the resurrected Christ together with 500 disciples witnessing the risen Jesus at one time.

Why does the resurrection matter?

It matters because it mattered to them, the witnesses.  In fact it matters because seeing the risen Jesus is what convinced the Apostles and the early Disciples that Jesus really was who He said He was and the significance doesn’t stop there.

In this Sermon

We are going to take a look at the supernatural implications, the religious implications, the theological implications and the eternal implications of the resurrection.

Scripture References:

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