What can our words do?

Jesus lays it all on the table and teaches us that we can be just as guilty as a murderer simply by how we treat others and by what words we speak over their lives.  In Jesus’ world words mean an awful lot especially what we say to and about people.  Why?  Because when words are used correctly they reconcile people to God, they heal, restore and inspire people into Holy living.  However, when they are used incorrectly they hurt, wound and destroy people’s lives.  Of course what did Jesus come here for?  To reconcile all men to Himself.  So He raises the bar in the sermon on the mount to use our words to give life and to be intentional about what we speak over someone.

Words and the Kingdom Culture

God has called the church to live according to the Kingdom of God not the systems of this world.  This means that the way we live should represent God’s ways and not the world’s.  We live in a culture that is ready to judge and condemn everyone for any reason.  The media and politicians puts us intentionally in the position of being the judge of everyone’s actions and lives.  They tell us, “So and so did this today” and we judge them.  Social media exploits this and people post how angry they are at certain leaders or how stupid they are.  Simply put we are a culture of judges and critics.  Well this is not the way of Jesus.  Jesus urges us to see the eternal picture.  We can discern that the actions of an individual are wrong or even unGodly, but it should call us into action to help that person, not condemnation.

In this Sermon

Find out the tough things that Jesus teaches about how we treat others and learn how to build people up and minister to them through our words.

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