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How do we as Christians relate to the worldviews held by non-Christians?

It is no big secret, but everyone in the world does not think the same way.  Even in America we have many worldviews that make up our culture.  It is also no big surprise that in our post-Christian world the not all of those belief systems match up with Christianity.  So how do we deal with that?  Especially when worldviews effect politics and sciences?  Is it our purpose as a church to oppose those worldviews or to adopt them?  What if it was neither?  What if God has called His people to have a different relationship with these things than the world does?

It is my belief that we have been called to be distinct from the world, not to imitate or blend in.  In fact, whenever the church has intertwined itself with the culture it is embedded in you get an adoption of worldly wisdom and reason instead of the rejection of it.  A part of the good news of Jesus is that we no longer have to live under the world’s systems, but we can live according to the Kingdom of God.  So, the questions are, how do we become distinct from the culture?  What are ways that we are to be distinct?  Is it possible to live in a culture and not adopt its worldviews, politics, and science?

In this sermon

We are going to identify some of the major worldviews that make up American Culture.  We will lay a foundation for how the world around us reasons and why they think like they do.

Scripture References

Isaiah 55:9Psalm 39:7Psalm 139:13-16, Psalm 14:1John 17:3Deuteronomy 10:17

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