Why do we worship?

It’s a good question.  I think for many people, its just something that we do together when we attend church.  We sing some songs and give honor through our singing to God.  Actually, when I think about singing a bunch of songs out loud in front of other people, it makes me think this either has a really good purpose or its kind of weird.  The truth is that worship is so much more than just singing some songs together on Sunday, it is a gift from God that releases His presence into our lives.

Worship is the place where God is present

Psalms 22:3 tells us that God inhabits the praise of His people.  In other words when we worship we experience God in a different way then just His indwelling presence.  In other words, God is always with the Christian because His Holy Spirit lives within the inner man, in the same way that the spirit of God dwelt within the Temple in days of old.  But when we worship Him, He visits with us and we can encounter the living God.  We experience God.

How we worship God will have a great impact on our Christianity

There is a direct correlation between how we worship God and just how powerful our relationship is with Him.  I would venture to guess that the person whose faith is shallow gives very minimal time to worship.  The same would be true for the opposite, for the person who has a deep and rich faith in Jesus is the one who spends ample time in worship.  Why?  Prayer opens up a dialog, the Bible lays a foundation for understanding but worship brings the presence.

The heart of the Worshipper

There are no sacred styles of worship.  There is nothing more spiritual about one style of worship over another.  It is the heart of the worshipper that matters.  In fact true worship, worship that is powerful, happens before worship happens.  In other words its what we bring to the table that makes whatever song we are singing to the Lord worship.

Go for it

We need to forget about styles, methods or even what is going on around us and worship with all of our hearts before the Lord.  Why?  Because it will produce greater faith and purpose through Jesus and that is something worth going after!

Scripture References

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